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An icon, Woody Brown, passed away last week. They don't make them like Woody any more. A genuine pioneer in the field of Naval Architecture, Woody created from scratch the first modern catamaran. He drew on his experience as a glider pilot in World Ward II and from the knowledge that the Polynesians had gleaned from over a thousand years of Ocean voyaging when he crafted his first boat. From the beach in Waikiki Woody introduced thousands of tourists to the wonders of the Ocean in Hawaii and to high performance sailing with his hand built catamaran "Manu Kai". Flying off the waves and racing the "Malolo" (Flying fish) across the giant ocean rollers that run just off Diamond Head during the 90 minute day sails. Woody was smiling ear to ear with each wave that picked up Manu Kai and drove her down the face of the waves at the tender age of 70 when he taught me how to handle the boat as an apprentice to him in 1982.

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