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Newsletter 5
Dear Fellow Multihuller´s!
Now our Norwegian friends know how do it. Let’s take a trip down from the East coast of Sweden this time! This is of course one of the ways to navigate down from Finland and Estonia as well.
As with the Norwegians you could go Vikingstyle and head direct for Visby at the east coast of Gotland, then take the outside of Öland south to one of the cosy harbours on Bornholm and after some recreation keep Sweden on starboard until you reach the rest of us in Wonderful Copenhagen!
Then there is the other option to take the slowboat, not to China, but down the wonderful East coast of Sweden. We start south of Stockholm at the south exit of the archipelago – Landsort. We also assume that participants from Finland and Estonia have enjoyed the trip through Ålands Skärgård.
There are a fantastic really beautiful row of places to visit and it will take too much space here to describe them all so I will give you some websites to broaden your knowledge.
After leaving Landsort you will soon have Sankt Annas Skärgård, on your starboard followed by Västerviks Skärgård., there is so much to do here so why choose? Just enjoy it all!
On the way south it is hard not to visit Öland and there you will find Borgholm irresistible, take a trip up to the Royal castle Solliden, there will probably be some activities since there are a Royal wedding coming up next year.
Kalmar is well situated for a nice lunch and useful to pick up some supplies in since they placed the guest harbour close to the centre of the city. Then there is a lovely cruise down to Utklippan, this place is on the border to the more open seas. It has a special effect on you when are there, discover it for yourself.
Now we have choices again – shall we go straight over Hanöbukten to Simrishamn, some 55 nautical. This is a perfect place to fill up fuel and other supplies in, or take some time in beautiful Karlskrona Skärgård? This a well kept secret among Sweden’s best cruising grounds, Karlskrona, Karlshamn and Sölvesborg – really, really nice. This is also a safe way if the weather is rough but keep a close eye on your navigation.
When you are leaving Simrishamn it is close to visit Bornholm and Christiansø or just continue along the south coast to Falsterbokanalen. After rounding the Southeast corner, Sandhammaren, you are very close to Kåseberga. This is a small cosy harbour with possibilities to first taste the fresh smoked fish and then take a short stroll up the hill to Ale Stenar, the famous Viking burial place with a view to kill for!
There are also a row of smaller and bigger harbours along the South coast, most famous maybe is Smygehamn at the southern point of Sweden with fish in all ways at the harbour.
When leaving Falsterbokanalen you have just a small step to IMM 2009!
Welcome to Öresund!

As a special feature we are presenting producers and importers of our Multihulls.
They will be present at the IMM 2009 waiting to be visited by you.

This time we are proud to present Whisper 29, imported by
VerkkoSuomi Oy Ltd.
Whisper 29 is new trimaran imported to Scandinavia.
Read all about it here!
Please visit the Website at: www.trimaraani.fi/trimaran29_in_english.htm

Please direct all interested in our Newsletters to: pcatm@hotmail.com

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The IMM 2009 Crew

Sidst opdateret 5. marts 2009