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Newsletter 6
Dear Fellow Multihuller´s!
This time we will start in the surroundings of Fredericia at Lillebælt on the east coast of Jylland. This area with its surroundings can be considered as one of the hot places in Danish sailing. You will find a lot of the Danish boat industry here, the sailing is marvellous and if you are lucky the small
dolphins – Marsvin – will salute you.
The area south of Middelfart down to Als is also famous for its sailing water and small hideaways to lower your anchor. It is also rather close to Ærø with beautiful Marstal, centre of the old sailing ships.
But this trip will go north of Fyn up through Lillebælt and north of Sjælland. This is really the ideal sailing grounds for Multihuller´s, there are so many places where our boats will excel against the “Half-boats”. Imagine waking up in a secluded little bay and feel the morning sun warm you up. Let the family enjoy the first swim of the day while the breakfast is prepared.
When we leave Lillebælt behind us Bogense will soon appear on Fyn and Juelsminde on the other side, just to choose if you need a harbour. Just after Bogense the island Æbelø stretches out in the sea and gives good protection for mooring both from easterly and westerly winds. On the north side you will see the lighthouse Linsefyr. The island is protected but you are welcome to visit and enjoy the animal life.
To conclude Fyn there is Odense and the Odense fjord with the long channel in to the centre of the city.
Being here one should not miss Korshavn at Fynshuved, it is a lovely place to visit and stay over night. All this places have nice places to visit by foot. Important to stretch your legs sometime also.
Important islands not to be forgotten is Endelave and Samsø, both exciting as islands always are. On the north-eastern side of Samsø, in Stavns Fjord the Vikings had a village and this is a perfect place to visit with our boats, very shallow waters. A place for contemplation as the tidal water locks you in. Just west of Samsø lies the small island Tunø with the famous church that has a lighthouse in the church tower. All these islands have their festivals during the summer.
On we go, it is time for the open sea in Kattegat, we pass Sejerø and head for Sneckeløbet. You can use this small passage in the reef out to Sjællands Oddes Lighthouse in good weather. Be careful in strong winds with both waves and current, otherwise it is a mile saver. Now you can just head for Gilleleje a 35 miles at 75 degrees and enjoy the ride. But then you will miss first Odden, a small nice fishing-village where it is possible to get both fresh fish and a beer by the fishermen, which gives a certain atmosphere!!
Then you will miss Hundested on your Starboard and Hesselø on your Port side. And that would be sad! But if you choose to visit Hundested, you will find a very interesting harbour with all facilities and the life you will find in a harbour with fishing boats, a very small ferry and several companies working with the marine industry. On the other hand – if you want to through your anchor choose the west side of the entrance to the fjord and explore Skansehage. This is well protected bay from all winds except southerly. First time we anchored here a very dear friend left his Cat in the Zodiac and went into Rørvig to pick up fresh morning bread for all of us.
Looking south you have the magnificent Isefjord and to southeast the Roskildefjord, both worth a special chapter but that will be another time. Instead we go north up to Hesselø, a short trip of around 14 miles.
Sadly the link I found to Hesselø is only in Danish but be very careful with the wildlife – it is a protected area. You are not aloud to enter the reefs in summertime but the main island is ok to visit by rowboat over the day. It is a private island so you can not walk around without permission. Please read about the Danish law regarding landings, it is not easy but not impossible. J
Hesselø has a herd of around 1000 seals and a very rich birdlife. Visit the place to explore our closest Sea wildlife. But do it with respect!
Back on track after 20 more miles you will reach Gilleleje that we covered in earlier Newsletters.
Welcome to Öresund!
As a special feature we are presenting producers and importers of our Multihulls.
They will be present at the IMM 2009 waiting to be visited by you.

This time we are proud to present SeaCart 30, Produced by
SeaCart 30 is already well known for its performance.
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The IMM 2009 Crew

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