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Newsletter 10
Dear Fellow Multihuller´s!
Welcome to Copenhagen!
There are only days till we see each other now, I think many are underway now and we hope your journey is wonderful! In Öresund we are relaxing after our smaller ÖMM in Landskrona and packing up for IMM. The weather looks promising and there will be some time for contemplation.
IMM 2009 will use VHF channel 6 as designated channel boat to boat.
Al information you will need is available in the Information centre close to the big tent.
When you arrive to Copenhagen – take a tour up the harbour to the first bridge. Not only for you to admire the beautiful city, but also to let Copenhagen know that we are there.
Be ware of the ferries and the tour boats and wave happily to everyone! J
We got the timetable for the ferries:
Oslo ferry
Arriving København: kl. 09.00 – 09:30
Leaving København:     kl. 17:00
Polen ferry
Leaving København :Thursday kl. 21:00
                                   Friday   kl.    21:00
                                   Sunday kl.   10:00
Arriving København: Thursday kl. 19:00
                                    Friday kl.    19.00
                                    Sunday kl.   08:30
We repeat once more the message about the harbour regulations below and enclose the map again!
There are some traffic regulations we like to inform about regarding the Port of Copenhagen. It is very important that you follow the rules and help us to give the city a good impression of all Multihuller´s. IMM will have personal at hand to give advice and there will also be a dedicated VHF channel to use.
On the enclosed map there are some traffic rules and for everyone that does not speak the wonderful language Danish I will try to translate:
  1. All yachts shall pass through Lynetteløpet.
  2. Passing Kronløbet is only allowed by commercial ships.
  3. Yacht shall pass east of yellow buoys.
  4. Sailing route to southern Frihavn.
  5. Passing in and out of the entrance of our harbour is not aloud when red lights flash due to ferry traffic. One of the occasions is at 17.00 when the Norwegian ferry leaves. Believe me – you do not want to meet that one!
  6. From the line and south are yachts only aloud to motor.
Please follow these simple rules and everyone will be happy!
There is so much to say about this magnificent city but I think it is better to let the real experts at Wonderful Copenhagen tell you about it. Log in to their webpage here!
Here is a useful tip from our friend Tito about Open WiFi, it is a map with free hotspots around Denmark. Maybe it can be of help for you.
There is still time to join IMM 2009! But hurry!
Have a really nice and safe journey to us in Copenhagen!
Fill in your entry in the form at the website!
The IMM 2009 Crew

Sidst opdateret 16. juli 2009