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Newsletter 11
Dear Fellow Multihuller´s!
Thank you all for making IMM 2009 to what it became!
It will take a while to thank everybody that contributed to our fantastic event in Copenhagen, but it feels fair to start with all the 114 Multihull Crews that came, saw and felt our united Multi feeling on IMM 2009. That is as we know it the biggest Multihull meeting in the world with Cruising and Racing Multis.
Yes, we did it! Together!!
Then we have to direct a very special Thank You to our sponsors that made it possible to run the meeting.
Among them we see ATP Ejendomme that so kindly lent us their property where we set up the large Gala Tent, office and more. Then we have FIH Erversbank, Pension Danmark, Bech & Bruun and Erhvervs og Byggestyrelsen that besides being very nice neighbours supplied us with water and electrical power. Vestfyen Brewery knew our needs and sponsored with beverages. Then we have our sponsors regarding shirts, racingprices and so on, Thank you!
Then a couple of days ago the real bombshell blew – Copenhagen Port sponsored us with the harbour fees! That was a gift from above since we had struggled with the economical issues in these troubled times. What they mentioned and also our neighbours said – they did not receive one single complain in the port and then our thankful eyes couldn’t stay dry any more! We are tired but satisfied!
Our thoughts go to Povl Schmidt and his wonderful Crew – without them we wouldn’t have the largest Multi meeting in the world to remember. What they did the last years to give us the opportunity to meet in Copenhagen is remarkable, so unselfish and so fantastic. I will not mention any more names because there where hands at help when the need was there and I think you know who they belonged to. But one can not help to remember Winston Churchill’s words after Battle of Britton:
Never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few.
Now when many of you have reached your home destinations it is time to seach your cameras for nice pictures of wonderful boats and people. Please send them in to this e-mail address: pschmidt@post11.tele.dk and we will put them up on our website www.imm2009.dk for you to download.
Then we have the matter of prices for the vinners of the sail races. Please check out these websites http://www.watski.dk/favicon.ico or   Kronborg Marine Bådsalg and choose what you want to have for your pricemoney. Then contact Povl on the same address pschmidt@post11.tele.dk and he will help you with the rest.
Maybe you remember the Tv-crew that visited us – it was TV2 Lorry from Copenhagen and I can not keep this link from you: http://www.lorry.dk/moduler/nyheder/showregvideo.asp?dato=23-07-2009&cID=1&vId=495145
Next time the IMM flag will fly will be in Stockholm 2011 and we wish Glenn, Björn and their crew all the best and hope you really enjoy the special friendship that evolves within an IMM crew.
Visit the website – IMM 2011
You’re IMM 2009 Crew

Sidst opdateret 11. august 2009